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Established in 1996, Manchester Organics is a global supplier of novel building blocks, intermediates & research chemicals for research and development to the pharmaceutical industry and universities. Their continuously expanding product portfolio contains over 50,000 items, many of which are manufactured in our own laboratories and are exclusive to Manchester Organics.

The Relationship

The Relationship: Manchester Organics have been a fully owned subsidiary of Navin Fluorine since 2011 and are an integral part of our CDMO business. The integration of their chemical expertise, customer-facing business and project management teams, and novel product portfolio has driven significant growth opportunities over the last decade. Today we utilise their R&D labs for early-phase small-scale synthesis, supporting proof-of-concept projects, and synthesis of impurities and marker compounds. We continue to regularly transfer processes to India for scale-up as the demand increases, both customer projects and from the catalogue portfolio. We maintain an open line of communication across both sites to ensure projects are streamlined and globally integrated and that customers have a seamless delivery experience.