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At Navin Molecular, we are bonded by our commitment to working together to create a better tomorrow. The philosophy of our parent company ‘Creating Value, Sharing Value’ is directly inspired by our late founder Mr. Arvind Mafatlal, whose contribution to his community included the implementation of a wide range of philanthropic activities.

Our passion for making a positive impact on the world can be seen throughout our business, from producing sustainable and innovative chemical starting materials and intermediates to working with our local communities around our sites and across India, to provide dedicated healthcare, social, environmental, and educational support.


“We believe in creating shared value for our
communities. We work closely with local
stakeholders to ensure that as we grow, we
continue to enrich those around us and
provide them with the tools they need to


We are committed to championing the health and safety of our community, both locally and globally.


Community Medical Treatment

Navin Molecular is dedicated to safeguarding the health and wellness of our local communities. Through our dedicated medical van, we provide access to an extensive range of treatments that would be otherwise unavailable.


Focus on Eye Care

We have made significant financial investments in eye hospitals and optometry initiatives in Uttar Pradesh and Madhya Pradesh, India. These schemes help to prevent avoidable blindness within local communities.


At Navin Molecular, we’re invested in supporting environmental and social sustainability. Through reducing emissions and employing environmentally friendly initiatives we’re helping the sector reduce its footprint.

Tree Planting Scheme

We have a binding pledge to plant thousands of trees as we continue to invest in and expand our Dewas site. This is allowing us to maintain ecological support for the local habitat and wildlife, in addition to creating a pleasant working environment for our staff.

Supporting Local Sustainability

We collaborate with non-government organizations in areas such as deforestation, natural resource management, livestock development, and small irrigation projects.



Water and energy are intertwined. To upkeep our commitment to supporting sustainability, we understand the need to conserve water, reduce energy consumption, and minimize waste.

We have installed six solar power-based drinking water systems to provide drinking water to households in the Dashod district, Gujarat, Western India.

Our Sarvajal Yojna programme, in collaboration with Piramal, has helped provide drinking water to approximately twenty thousand people in Madhya Pradesh.


We work within local communities at all of our sites across the length and breadth of India.

The Joy of Giving

Continuing our mission of developing bonds with our local communities, we have introduced the ‘Joy of Giving’ initiative. Through this voluntary programme, our employees can donate groceries, new or used clothing, tools, toys, and other essentials, to local children in orphanages.

Community Kitchens

We help support community kitchen projects where “Sukhadi” (food for sustenance) is prepared and distributed in drought-hit areas.

Shri Sadguru Seva Sangh Trust

Shri Sadguru Seva Sangh Trust “Through the Shri Sadguru Seva Sangh Trust, we promote and support education to all, irrespective of Caste, Creed, Religion. This non-government organisation, nurtured by our late founder Mr. Arvind Mafatlal, works to empower illiterate women by providing them with the skills and support needed.